The Course

Warrington is situated on 156 acres of pristine land that offers a wide variety of stands. Stop by to check us out.

5 Stand

The 5 Stand to safely shoot at the same time. Clays are thrown from all directions to keep you on your toes. It gives you the sporting clays experience without having to walk very far. The 5 Stand is featured in our banner picture above.I now have 15 machines on my 5 stand, you have to shoot the number 1– 5 stand on the east coast with 15 machines !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two Wobbles Every Day both with 5-Stations( one under roof )

The Wobble will challenge the most experience shooter and is fun for everyone. Instead of the normal clay flight path, the Wobbler more accurately simulates the flight pattern of a bird.

50 and 100 Clay Courses

The 50 and 100 clay courses offer you traditional sporting clays with a combination of birds and rabbits.

New 100 clay course has 18 new Mec Machines and new Atlas traps offers a wide variety of shots with rabbits and midi’s and birds




Member rates

  • 50 clays: $16
  • 100 Shot: $25
  • 5 Stand (25 clays): $8
  • Wobbler (25 clays): $8
  • Gun Rental: 10
  • Cart Rental: $10

Non-member rates

  • 50 clays: $24
  • 100 clays: $35
  • 5 Stand (25 clays): $10
  • Wobbler (25 clays): $10
  • Gun Rental: $25
  • Cart Rental: $20


2 Replies to “The Course”

  1. Keith ,

    This is Tricia Kraybill. Preston wants to learn to Target shoot.
    When is a good time to come and is there an instructor? Or am I the one who helps her? Are there any members or regulars in their teens ?

    Also, are there junior shotguns? I think Bob might have a youth gun that was one of the boys’ if not.


    1. Tricia, all you have to do is call me at 717-645-1018 and I can have my instructor come when you have time. Bring your youth gun and we will see what fits her, I have 15 guns. And I do have teens who are members, they shoot on Saturdays. Keith

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