Welcome to Warrington Sporting Clays!

Warrington Sporting Clays is open to members, the public, and walk in’s alike. 

Warrington has a completely new course set up as of 11/11/2022.  Come out and tell us what you think!

Please call Manager Chad Swick at 717-309-2150 for all of your questions and to set up your events.  Email me at swickwarringtonsportingclays@gmail.com

Bird hunting is available!  Call or email us to schedule your bird hunt with us!

Warrington Sporting Clays hours of operation:

Tuesday – Friday  9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  (arrival beyond 3pm, please call ahead if possible)

Saturday                  9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  (arrival beyond 3pm, please call ahead if possible)

Clubhouse Phone 717-432-9800

Cell Phone 717-309-2150  (Chad Swick personal)

Normal shooting hours are from 9AM till 6PM Tuesday through Friday.  Saturday till 5pm.  If your expected time of arrival to shoot is past 3pm on any day, please call ahead if possible so we can be sure to accommodate you and/ or your group up till 6PM Tues – Friday.  5PM is the latest we can fire a shot on Saturday due to township ordinance.

Located in Central Pennsylvania, Warrington Sporting Clays offers a great experience and environment for any shooter.  Designed by Daniel Schindler in 1992, we’re proud to continue what Daniel started and continue to deliver happiness and interest in the shotgun sports by offering a 15 station 100 bird course, and 10 station 50 bird course, a challenging and fun 5 stand complete with 3 big towers, as well as a covered wobble trap so even when we’re getting rain, you can still shoot with us.

After a long day of shooting clays, be sure to stop by and relax in our clubhouse.  Our resident kitchen help forced to it by our membership, the beloved Randa Kopp, has gone from great artisan sandwich offerings to a full kitchen offering every week and we’re happy to have you hang out and relax after your clays or before with some phenomenal meals, soups, and then the always great and simplistic appetizer type deals like chips and home made natural organic salsas, deviled eggs, and meat and cheese pairings.   Randa has given the whole kitchen section of the club a full makeover and an impressive one at that!

Hunting and shooting not your thing? Warrington Sporting Clays is the perfect place to hold your picnic, or family reunion. Let Warrington’s breathtaking landscapes be the backdrop for your next event.