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3/11/2017  Registered Target Shoot

Master Class             Report Pairs       Simo Pairs      Lewis Payouts

Rodger Becker               89                      83                    $165.00

Dave Defernelmont        84                     68                      $ 25.00

Steve Kennedy              83                     74

Steve Stambaugh Jr..   74

Bob Haines                   73                    60                         $ 75.00

Rick Kann                     71                    61

Class  A

Mike Jeffers                 77

Class  AA

Rick Ott                      71                     78

Class  B

Doug Stone              68                     68                           $ 25.00

Class  C

Jared Harnish         82                     74

Tyler Neave            70

Class  D

Jay Monoski          75                     62

Bryan Eberle         72                     56

Class  E

Jon Strathmeyer  73                                                       $ 40.00

Brett Neave         62

Hailey Neave      44

Lewis Class Results will be Posted 3/18/2017




NEW!!! 50 long bird course with 10 machines

Located in Central Pennsylvania, Warrington Sporting Clays (aka Warrington Club) offers a wide variety of activities for sportsmen young and old. Designed by Daniel Schindler in 1992, the course is sure to be fun for the novice as well as challenging for the most experienced marksman. With over 40 stands, you are sure to keep coming back again and again.

After a long day of shooting clays, be sure to stop by and relax in our clubhouse. While you’re there, you can catch up with our manager, Keith Saltsburg, and learn about the different hunts we sponsor.

Hunting and shooting not your thing? Warrington Sporting Clays is the perfect place to hold your wedding, picnic, or family reunion. Let Warrington’s breathtaking landscapes be the backdrop for your next event.

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