The Course

Warrington Sporting Clays is set on a 156 acre plot of the original Warrington Hunting Club.  Absolutely beautiful landscape that offers constant views of wildlife even during normal shooting outings.  Our deer are a special kind knowing shooting as just a normal part of life and that they’re not in danger.  The deer, turkey, and other wildlife frequently hang out on the course even while the day to day shooting occurs.  Plenty of sightings of grouse, quail, and pheasants on the course are also normal.

All of our courses feature MEC, Lincoln, and Atlas traps.

Please note, whether shooting by yourself or with a group, trappers are always kept on staff for your convenience.  If you’re by yourself on a whim worry not!  We can have someone come along to pull and score for you at your own leisure!

5 Stand

Warrington’s 5 stand is one of the most impressive in a very large area.  Featured in the cover photo of the website, and currently outfitted with 7 different traps situated around our pond.  With 3 large towers all holding a trap in each, it’s sure to test even the proficient shooters, and one of very few locations to practice tower birds other than competition courses.  One tower throws from behind shooters directly overhead in a way that many people who don’t shoot competitive clays never get to experience.  Our 5 stand currently has 7 traps and we’re working towards adding more constantly.

Please note, if you’re a competition shooter or simply a regular shooter that would like to specifically work with tower birds, or the tougher birds on our 5 Stand setup, we’re happy to accomidate you.   Please reach out to us at our contact points:

717-432-9800  For the clubhouse,  717-309-2150 for text or call (my) Chad’s personal cell, for the clubs general Email,  or for lesson specific requests.

Wobble Trap  (one under roof for dry shooting in the rain)

Wobble Trap will challenge the most experience shooter and is fun for everyone!  Upon each throw of the trap, the wobble trap randomly rotates up and down and left to right so you never know where exactly the clay will go.  Many shooters have shot sporting clays for years and never tried it before, only to give it a try and realize how much fun it can be!  Instead of the normal clay flight path, the Wobbler more accurately simulates the flight pattern of a bird.  Shooters stand on a line of 5 shooting stations and shoot 5 birds from each station for a total of 25 shots per round.  Every 5 birds/ shots, rotating to the next shooting station.  Giving a different perspective of the targets by each change of the station.

Sporting Clays

We offer a great course with fields, towers, and woods.  A great variety of presentations and always a ton of fun.  Come give us a try and let us know what you think!


Member rates

  • 50 clays: $21
  • 5 Stand (25 clays): $10
  • Wobble Trap (25 clays): $10
  • Gun Rental: $15
  • Golf Cart Rental: $15
  • Box of 25 shells:  $11

Non-member rates

  • 50 clays: $27
  • 5 Stand (25 clays): $12
  • Wobble Trap (25 clays): $12
  • Gun Rental: $25
  • Golf Cart Rental: $25
  •  Box of 25 shells:  $12

2 Replies to “The Course”

  1. Do you ever host birthday groups? My son is turning 16 and I was interested in possibly bringing him and a couple of his friends ( maybe 3-4). Total group would be 5-6 people. Is there an adult to youth ratio your looking for. All of the kids will not be carrying guns. Probably would do the 50 bird course. I was just looking for your thoughts

    1. Hello Dan,

      I apologize for the delay I’m just not used to receiving messages on the website quite yet.

      We’re absolutely happy to host your son’s birthday party. With a total of 6 to 8 shooters we’re simply going to have a trapper tag along with the group which allows both the safety aspect to be monitored, as well as an experienced person to help the group progress and help shooters as well if they’re having issues hitting any birds. We don’t add a fee for the trapper, they simply work for tip so that’s up to how well they did.

      Carts are available and free for you to use to transport the guns and ammo throughout the course. Very similar to baby jogging carts. Transporting / handling of firearms is a normal part of the routine of a shooting club for ages 8 to at least 98+…

      We will give everyone a safety briefing upon pre-departure to the actual course outlining the major safety issues and standard rules of the course, so with the trapper, by 2 or 3 stations into the course the simplistic nature of safety will become second nature to everyone.

      Please feel free to reach out to me at either my personal phone by call or text at 717-309-2050 or at my email at I generally respond to emails within the same business day or quicker so if I don’t feel free to call. I won’t be offended.

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